With decades of expertise in the field of material conveying Rollcon Technofab was established as a Private limited company from its predecessor Rollcon Engineers in 2011. Catering to core engineering sectors like power, infrastructure, food, mining, ports, steel, distilleries, fertilizers etc. & establishing an enviable record of automatization of processes that historically required an expense of great human capital. Rollcon’s innovations & contributions in the field of Material conveying are hugely revered worldwide.

Who We Are

Welcome to Rollcon Technofab India Pvt Ltd, your trusted partner in creating systems that keep the world moving smoothly. Imagine a world where heavy materials glide effortlessly from place to place, where machines work seamlessly together, and industries thrive with precision. That's what we do. At Rollcon, we're the unsung heroes behind the scenes, making sure materials ..... handling is a breeze. Whether it's construction sites, factories, power plants, or mining operations, we're the ones who design and build the systems that get things done. Fuel and Ash Handling Systems for Power Plants: In the realm of power plants, we're the experts in making sure fuel and ash move exactly where they need to be. From the moment fuel arrives to the point where ash needs to be managed, our systems ensure everything flows smoothly, keeping the power on and the environment clean. Mining Industry Solutions: When it comes to mining, we're right there in the thick of things. We design systems that move raw materials from deep within the earth to processing plants, helping to extract valuable resources efficiently and sustainably. Cement Plant Innovations: In the world of cement production, our solutions keep the process running seamlessly. We create conveyor belts that transport raw materials and finished products, ensuring that cement plants operate like well-oiled machines. Our passion lies in creating bucket elevators that lift heavy loads with ease, belt conveyors that seamlessly connect different stages of production, and pneumatic conveying systems that propel materials through pipes, revolutionizing efficiency. From the tallest elevators to the smallest components, our team of experts meticulously crafts each system to fit the unique needs of industries. We don't just move materials; we move industries forward. So whether you're in construction, manufacturing, power generation, mining, or cement production, Rollcon Technofab is your go-to partner. We're here to make sure your operations flow smoothly, efficiently, and effortlessly. Together, let's keep the world moving.

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Welcome to the Contact Us page of Rollcon Technofab India Pvt Ltd – your trusted partner in innovative material handling and conveying solutions. We value your interest and are eager to assist you. Here are the various ways you can get in touch with us:

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